Bud Brothers

from by oddczar



I'll get jealous when you lay in bed,
whether it's with, or of, another me or someone you wish I was.
I'm still catching my breath, do you catch my drift?
Because tonight I feel like shit, I'm not the me that I miss.
Too decent to stay, too honest for goodbyes.
Maybe in one way or another it's worked out for the better,
because I've always known that I prefer to drive alone
as long as someone else is on the other end of the phone.
I guess that's all you turned out to be.
When you and all your friends are singing this chorus
just remember who it was written for.
I tried to reach you but barely made it past the door.
I don't care who you share yourself with anymore.
There are shades of gray that I live between
because anything is my everything.
I can't wrap my head around it.
I can't sit still for two fucking minutes
because you can't let go of what you never had.
It's just that the best of what we had was not good enough for me.


from One Word, released December 15, 2012



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oddczar Charlotte, North Carolina

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